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Affordable Plumbing Price Range

The average cost for plumbing services in Kuala Lumpur (KL) is around RM 250. The plumber price range is in between RM 80 and RM 500 depends on your location and project details.

Not sure how much it will cost for a plumbing service in KL and Selangor? Tell us more about your plumbing problems and projects and we will give you a free quotation.

What We Do

General Plumbing

Water leak detection and repair. Solve drain and pipes blockage. Installation and replacement of pipes and fixtures.

Bathroom System

Solve shower & bathtubs problems. Repair, maintain and install bathroom fixtures. Repair Water heater systems.

Kitchen System

Replace and install kitchen fixtures. Repair leaking taps, faucets and clogged sinks.

Our Plumbing Service Price Range

Factors that determine the price for plumbing services

The charges for a plumbing service are mainly decided by four factors:


Type of Material

The replacement material is part of the calculation. Higher-grade materials cost more than lower-grade materials, but lasts longer. For example, a PVC tap costs between RM 20 – RM 50, while expect to pay between RM 50 – RM 200 for a metal/standard steel tap.

Plumbing Job Complexity

Unclogging a sink is obviously less complicated and not as time-consuming as fixing a clogged underground drain or a burst pipe in the wall. Some plumbing jobs will also require special equipment and extra manpower to finish the job like roof-top pipe leakage.

Your Location/Distance

If your location is close to the plumber, you might not get charged for transport fees. If the distance is greater, then it will be added to your bill. For far distance, even if you decide not to proceed with the job after inspection, you will still likely to get charged for the transportation and inspection fee.

Labour Cost/Fees

The price is dependent on the type of job, some simple jobs can be as low as RM 40, while other complicated jobs could be higher than RM 500. Emergency plumbing services for instance will cost higher than a normal plumbing job as it requires urgent response.

Average price range for different plumbing services

Here are the average price range for the most common plumbing services:

Water leakage RM 80 – RM 250
Water heater installation/repair RM 80 – RM 250
Clogged toilets/sinks RM 180 – RM 500
Clogged drains RM 180 – RM 500
Low water pressure RM 180 – RM 500
Roof leaks > RM250